Welcome to the 2nd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe

Uncover New Disruptive Technologies & Innovations to Accelerate Analytical Methods, Accurately Measure Potency & Support Seamless Regulatory Submissions

The new and improved 2nd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe, now in Amsterdam, is returning as your go-to meeting to address key regulatory hurdles and developing standards for assay and analytical development in the European cell therapy market.

Maximise the speed of quality control, implement automation, improve characterisation of potency, safety and product with European cell therapy pioneers from the likes of Cellectis, Novo Nordisk, bluebird bio and Orgenesis.

Next generation cell therapies are emerging as game-changing treatments for cancer and beyond, but given their increasing complexities, developing robust, reliable, and in-depth analytical assays is critical to prove their safety and quality to the regulatory authorities. With a focus on critical analytical parameters and quality control, the 2nd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe will offer valuable insights on optimising manufacturing processes and ensuring regulatory compliance. Spanning a variety of cell therapy modalities, analytical techniques, and strategic approaches, this is a must-attend meeting for anyone in the cell therapy analytical space - brought right to your doorstep!

Top 5 Reasons to Attend:

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Learn to develop a successful potency assay to determine product activity

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Discover new technology to expand & improve your analytical toolbox

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Explore reference standards for state-of-the-art analytical development

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Gain insights on optimising manufacturing processes & ensuring regulatory compliance

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Network with CMC, analytical & quality experts from industry & regulatory agencies

Join over analytical experts from industry and regulatory agencies as they collaborate and share solutions to pressing challenges, ranging from understanding the evolving regulatory landscape to innovative analytical methods that accelerate the product lifecycle.

The 2nd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe is the ideal event for companies looking to achieve a robust and thorough analytical strategy, helping to get invaluable cell therapies to patients faster.

For more details about the program, speaker faculty or pricing and discounts, download the brochure.