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The 3rd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe– What’s It About? 

Stand at the forefront of analytical innovation at the 3rd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe, the premier event for technical professionals - analytical development, quality control, CMC, Tech Ops, and more! This summit aims to dive into a range of challenges to ensure complex regulatory requirements are met for potency, safety, and efficacy.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear from industry leaders, share your own insights and uncover ground breaking strategies to maximise product efficacy!

Attend the 3rd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe to:

Highlight best practices for strategically placing control measures, emphasising continuous monitoring and adaptation to better address emerging risks with Tigen Pharma and Johnson & Johnson.

Ensure product safety and quality through machine learning for enhanced quality control and anomaly detection with GSK and real time monitoring with Avobis Bio for revolutionised quality control.

Design and craft cost effective assays for enhanced characterisation and streamlined regulatory compliance with Resolution Therapeutics.

Uncover regulatory insights for navigating successful IND/IMPD applications and advancing analytical methods in both clinical and commercial stages for accelerated development with regulatory experts.

Discover innovative approaches to classic methods including bypassing traditional methods for more accurate apoptosis assessments utilising real-time insights for point-of-care testing in cell therapy analysis and prioritising viability and functionality in storage methods with Tigen Pharma.

Who Will You Meet?

Connect with industry peers who share your passion for analytical development and are eager to explore the cutting-edge advancements. Get in touch here to discuss your networking opportunities further.

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What Your Peers Have to Say:

"Cell therapy continues to change and expand the therapeutic field. To ensure the treatment is available, safe and potent, the analytical environment should coevolve."
Amanda Versteilen, Associate Director, Quality Control Analytical, Bristol Myers Squibb (2024 Speaker) 

“It is great to have a forum to discuss in depth, the technical and regulatory implications associated with analytical development and analytical change during development. I look forward to hearing about experiences as well as sharing my own. I learn something new every time I attend.”
Sharon Lonhurst, Independent Expert (2024 Speaker)