Benjamin Espen

Benjamin Espen

Company: Avobis Bio, LLC

Job title: Principal Quality Engineer


Panel Discussion: Unlocking Tomorrow’s Potential – Advancing Cell Therapy Analytical Development into the Future 3:00 pm

Expectations for the future of cell therapy analytical development include the integration of advanced technologies like high-throughput screening, single-cell analysis, and AI/ML to enhance assay sensitivity, specificity, and biomarker discovery Standardisation and quality control measures to ensure reproducibility and comparability across different laboratories and manufacturing sites, facilitating regulatory approval and commercialisation The development of real-time monitoring techniques and point-of-care testing…Read more

day: Conference Day Two

Revolutionising Quality Control: Harnessing Advanced Data Analytics for Real-Time Monitoring in Cell Therapy Manufacturing 3:30 pm

Real-time monitoring is a way to immediately identify potential process or quality deviations, but it can be a challenge to implement. Discuss how to move your monitoring closer to the ideal state from where you are now Explore the use of predictive modelling techniques, such as machine learning and AI, to anticipate potential quality issues based on historical…Read more

day: Conference Day One

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