Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us in Amsterdam for the summit! If you are interested in the 2024 event, please get in touch.

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Boston 4-6 December 2023

Uncover New, Disruptive Technologies & Innovations to Accelerate Analytical Methods, Accurately Measure Potency & Support Seamless Regulatory Submissions

Returning September 2024

Our Analytical Community in Amsterdam 2023

Drive Potency & Assay Innovations for Fast, Accurate, Regulatory Approved Analytics

The 2nd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe was an unmissable event for Europe’s top biotech and pharma! As the cell therapy industry continues to rapidly grow and evolve, the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with leading experts in the field ensured that potency, characterisation and multi-region access, were no longer bottlenecks in the cell therapy drug development pipeline.

With FDA regulatory holds on release assays and potency forming a prevailing bottleneck in the cell therapy space, there was never a more important time for the European cell therapy community to unite to implement gold standard analytical development, effectively communicate with the EMA, and secure market approval.

Industry experts in analytical development, CMC and process development aimed to advance multi-region access, achieve consistent and scalable assay development and drive analytical standards to bring safe, high-quality cell therapies to patients across the European territories.

Our 2023 event was the only cell therapy-focused, industry-facing and European-specific summit. Attendees gained valuable insights on everything analytical development: from comparability testing to batch-to-batch variability, potency assays to regulatory considerations…and more! This allowed attendees to gain control of their manufacturing processes, assay development and analytical strategy with key thought leaders from the likes of Takeda, Novo Nordisk, Cellectis and Gadeta.

The 2nd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe offered a competitive edge in this fast-paced industry.

Expert Speakers at the 2023 Event Included:

Ben Espen

Principal Quality Engineer

Avobis Bio

Headshot of Anne-Sophie Petit

Anne-Sophie Petit

Senior Engineer, Analytical Development


Jean-Pierre Cabaniols, Ph.D.

Head of Analytical Development


Terri Gaskell

Chief Technology Officer

Rinri Therapeutics

Ilya Shestopalov

Vice President, Analytical Development & Product Lead

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Past Attendees Include:

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Logo for Novo Nordisk
Logo for Cellectis
Logo for Kite Pharma
Logo for Gadeta
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Hear What Past Attendees Have to Say:

“Good programme focusing on specific challenges of analytical development for cell therapies. Useful presentations and good discussions during networking sessions”

- Chief Technology Officer, Rinri Therapeutics

“The meeting provided excellent opportunities for networking and the size was perfect for this as well! Really enjoyed all the talks which were of high quality and it was very nice to attend this analytically focused meeting! Thanks to the organizers who did a great job!”

- Head of Analytical Sciences, Tigen Pharma

“All attendees showed up in a very professional, collaborative, engaged, and committed manner to advancing technology and science to cure life threatening diseases in our lifetime. Presentations, discussions, and questions were of exceptional quality and overall atmosphere high vibe”

- Executive Director & Head of Global Quality Control, Kite Pharma

“It was a great opportunity to meet and discuss with experts in various areas of analytical development"

- Associate Director of Analytical Development, Enara Bio

“It was a really well organised conference with great speakers and great opportunities to network"

- Senior Stem Cell Biologist, Head of Cell Therapy, National Institute for Biological Standards & Control

Our 2023 Partners Included