Develop, Validate & Implement Innovative Technologies & Analytical Methods to Satisfy Complex European Regulatory Requirements for Potency, Safety & Efficacy  

Welcome to the 3rd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe

Defining & Refining Analytics from IND/IMPD to Clinic

Faced with many regulatory bottlenecks, the European cell therapy community must unite and confront these challenges head-on. The 3rd Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit Europe is your unmissable opportunity to connect with peers, share pain points and establish analytical standards for smoother interactions with regulatory bodies including the FDA, EMA and MHRA. 

Join analytical development and quality control experts from industry-leaders like Achilles Therapeutics, Avobis Bio, Bristol Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, MHRA, to tackle challenges from product characterisation to method validation and release preparation.  

Seize the chance this September to collaborate, connect and share insights to drive the future development of potent, safe and effective autologous and allogeneic cell therapies forward! 

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Discuss advancing cell therapy and standardising analytics and reference materials with Andrea Ifitimia-Mander and Vinoy Ramachnadra from the MHRA

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Revolutionise the future of quality control by harnessing advanced data analytics in cell therapy manufacturing with Benjamin Espen, from Avobis Bio LCC

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Our World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

"The 2024 summit presents a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and forge collaborations while offering invaluable insights into fast-developing techniques and state-of-the-art technologies that are shaping the future of our industries."
– Matthijs Koorevaar, Director, Quality Control, Johnson & Johnson (2024 Speaker)

Previously Attending Companies Include:

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"In a time where cell therapy is expanding, this summit serves as a forum for specialists to shape and elevate analytical benchmarks, ensuring that potency, characterisation, and multi-region access cease to be obstacles in the cell therapy drug development process."
Diego Vázquez, Senior Manager Quality Control Analytical,
Bristol Myers Squibb (2024 Speaker)

Our 2024 Partners:

Discover the transformative power of automation in cell therapy analytical development with Matthijs Koorevaer from Johnson & Johnson

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Navigate the various stages of the analytical lifecycle to streamline product development with Illaria Visigalli from GLP SR-Tiget

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"Cell therapy analytics are rapidly developing, it is important to take time to see what is happening in the field and what solutions have been successfully deployed. The European analytical summit serves that function well."
Benjamin Espen, Principal Quality Engineer, Avobis Bio, LLC (2024 Speaker)

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